LA DEBUT: An Evening of Quality Notions

A very special show. A Quality Notions west coast release party. The inimitable John Early hosts. Guests include: Michael Showalter, Chelsea Peretti, Kate Berlant and a super secret musical guest. And I headline. The Virgil. Go find the event of FB and click attending. First come first serve on getting in. It's free. 

News: Comedy Album Debuts at #04 in Comedy!

Indeed, I released the best comedy album of 2014 and I did it all on my lonesome. 

I think you'll agree the result is avant garde and quite courageous. 

The album's called Quality Notions because, hey, that's what I offer.

Do consider purchasing it, because, people report loving when one of my notions pops up during a music shuffle. 

Here is a sample track, a strange one!

Depression Book To Be Published March 2016 by Crown!

News:  I'm very excited to announce that Crown is publishing my book. It's about depression. It is depression. The book seems to detest itself, which I hope you'll find amusing.

Recently I was interviewed on a public radio show, The Takeaway, about comedy and depression. I thought I sounded like a fooI and at one point I gave advice to depressed people to "reach out, reach out, reach out."  I was talking over John Hockenberry, the host, in order to say "reach out" three times, in a voice not my own. 

More on Depression...and reaching out. I just can't stop. 

Hilarious Video Promo #02

The following video is, in theory, a promotional item I made to herald the album's digital release, but it so transcends that, don't you think? Criticwire sure thought so, reporting:  "a comedy album's viral video doubles as a hilarious and devastatingly insightful parody of the clash of critical egos." Thanks for noticing. Also for calling it viral

It was directed by Doron Max Hagay, and shot by Daniel Rampulla, whom I will continue to collaborate with in the future. In fact Eye on Art might become a regular series. 

No I am not physically in the film, but I did write the thing. Please don't go crediting these actors with improvising lines. That was strictly prohibited and corporeally enforced. 

HIlarious Video Promo #01 

If you missed the live album recording of Quality Notions, it's probably because you didn't catch this film.

We made the film, yes, film, in order to create a stir.

I mean, one must.

Fear not, this film does feature a girl we'll call me.

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